Photo of lightening strikeWelcome to Tuckner Consulting, a successful organization development consulting, and training firm that is intelligent, plain speaking and, fresh in its design and delivery of change management services.

We know. You have honed your skills and have earned your stripes but some of the things that worked in the past just do not work as well now. The world is very different than it was even a few years ago. We are working far different than those who have gone before us and we all need a new way of applying what we know to fit our ever-changing circumstances.

Tuckner Consulting begins by helping you read your organization’s landscape:
Where do you purposely engage or promote explosions of thought, willingly push against time-honored perspectives and test new ideas or products?
And where are you doing push ups just to stay awake and nubile enough to read ever-changing environments while keeping your eyes focused on greater effectiveness and organization goals?
And finally, where do you need things buttoned up and humming toward greater efficiency?
Sorting this landscape determines the types of services and tools we will provide in support of your specific needs. From action or adventure learning to strategic planning and training, we provide the most up-to-date and fresh approaches and curriculum that supports adults in their learning and real-time change in their work setting.

We love what we do and continue to deepen our own learning in the industry with great interest and relish. You will see our commitment to your project in our simple but definitive intervention strategies, and, a delivery that is very skilled, straight in its message, and infused with the right dose of enthusiasm, and appropriate levels of humor.

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